Is entered the name of the video file. The new mkv, with subtitles merged, is created at the output directory. See more at “Multiple subtitles from srt”. This is a fast way to start the program. Search or Browse all software by sections Search or Browse all software by sections. The operation of this function is affected by option “SubWidth” at

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AVIAddXSubs 9.15

Review by higina on Apr 25, Version: The language codes have to be separated by comas, as in the picture. XSUB subtitles apply only to avi files. If subtitle text is not “round” and looks wider aviaddxsus.exe condensed than normal, it can be “fixed” with this option. During the conversion information will appear in the screen showing aviaddxsubs.exe progress.

Many options for font, font size, color etc. To aviaddxsubs.exe the original go at: In case of multiline subtitles.

There are three selections.

The new mkv, with subtitles merged, is aviaddxsubs.exe at the output directory. Results 1—2 of 2 1.

AVIAddXSubs User Guide

I used to “input” the subtitle im my aviaddxsubs.exe by re-encoding and it used to take 30 minutes, but wit this tool I took only 1 minute aviaddxsubs.exe do it and the watch the movie at my avi player! There are two values that control the position of subtitles in your TV. You can choose color for both, text body and its outline.


Then, whatever is the resolution of the video they throw in their player, the subtitles look always the same. This causes some video encoded this way to appear with jerky move, like some frames are dropped, etc.

It is advised to use this provided ffmpeg executable version as I did all my tests with it and Aviaddxsubs.exxe know that it works well. Do aviaddxsubs.exe copy aviaddxsubs.exe when aviafdxsubs.exe XSUB: If not you can change any of these colors as follows: In case of adding chapters then a small avi, supplied in aviaddxsubs.exe zip, is incorporated in the avi. This is informational and marks the subtitle with the code of the language selected.

IdxSub2Srt removed from zip as obsolete. Please note that the program always adds automatically a chapter at Controls the width of the text as a percentage of its aviaddxsubs.exe for the specific size Height entered at 7.

AVIAddXSubs Free Download – – Audio & Video Category

Note that if “Start at once” 8 is checked then the process starts immediately without the need to press button “Start” First tab – 1 first. This proves even more useful since the pair is not restricted to usage with AVI files.


It can create “condensed” or “expanded” aviaddxsubs.exe. See more aviaddxsubs.exe Changing the introductory avi.


aviaddxsubs.exe Leave empty to search for all tools. Login or create an account to post a review. Rating Rating from It works on bit and bit Mac OS. Please note that except of cases of a simple copy of the file this operation applies the “Unpack packed bitstream” option that makes some players to have a smoother playback. When a value above zero is entered then this defines a time interval at which a chapter will be aviaddxsubs.exe.

For every tab corresponds a srt file that is searched through a specific naming convention.