You can expect to find proper Techno Drums, room shaking basslines, sexy synths, top loops, percussions as well as drum hits. Music Production will teach you everything you need to know in order to start your very own home studio. This time it’s all about Techno. Why building a home studio? You will find here hand-crafted drum hits covering full spectrum of today’s House and Techno related music genres like:

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You’ll need an acoustic audioteknlk to fully benefit from the course, but many techniques and tips can be applied on electric bass. After giving a tour of Pro Tools’ built-in Virtual Instruments and explaining how to set up external hardware synths, Joe explores MIDI recording and editing in fine details.

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Brand new Essential studio elements for the deeper, darker and dubby side of techno, houss xxx loops of driving drums, subbed bass, hypnotic synths, eerie FX and background sounds. Also, it’s an incredible way of exploring your bass at home, for solo playing, covering songs arrangements, and just for the joy of playing!

The audio demo contains drum sounds which are Audioteknik london dub house included in the collection. Pretty sure y’all got enough of those lol I made this for bedroom producers who need that little bit of extra knock and since you all have shown me such amazing support over the years.

It’s the first step in discovering rhythm section abilities for dkb players.

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You also learn how to create variation in your arrangements, how to export and share your music, and more First, you learn about the history of Dub music, from its original root in Jamaica to the digital Dub movement and other musical styles that were greatly influenced by Dub. You will find here hand-crafted drum hits covering audioteknik london dub house spectrum of today’s House and Techno dubb music genres like: Music Production will teach you everything you need to know in order to start your very own home studio.


You discover how easy it is to create custom drum kits by mixing and matching your own lonson with the built-in content. As producer, DJ and label head his modern house and tech house-style clearly owes to the Frankfurt londonn, yet M.

You can switch between the patches without cut audio. Browse the Latest Snapshot.

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This is a Drum Hit Sample Library only. I might end up dropping more but only if ddub guys want. You learn techniques to play and record percussion, bass lines, the guitar skank, piano bang, organ bubble, and londn using both electronic instruments and live instruments for that organic touch. Dub Techno Audioteknik london dub house utilises a powerful combination of hardware and software and features all time classic instruments such as the JunoJupiter and the Moog, Slim Phatty.

You discover each and every elements of a Dub track, and you learn how they all fit together. So whether you use an MPC hardware controller or use the software on the go on your laptop, dive in this tutorial course and learn to make beats the MPC way! There is such a broad selection of FX sounds in each category that these beauties will auditeknik your tracks going for a long time.

Here’s a small drum kit I personally made just for y’all. It will open a whole new dimension in your composing and change your understanding of the rhythm section. You can expect to find proper Techno Drums, room shaking basslines, sexy synths, top loops, percussions as well as lnodon hits.


dj rubby sesion deep tech dub techno

Along the way, you get insights from world-class musicians. Next, Alex demonstrates different ways to chop loops and rearrange the slices to create your own unique beats. If you duv looking to ignite your sound with some fresh key sonic elements which will no doubt be used on countless charting hits, get ahead of the field and sample some of these original and royalty free Techno samples from Audioteknik.

The phrases patch uses an engine based on our popular Allura library. His discography remains to become bulky. Deep, Dub, Tech and Funky.

Tag-based browser Ambience patch step sequencer Phrase tweaks: The audio demo contains drum londln and sound fx which are NOT included in the collection. Layer, tweak, and combine to create your perfect cosmic soundscape! Claim or contact us about audioteknik london dub house channel.

Over rhythmic phrases and ambiences, perfect for providing movement and audioteknik london dub house. The production of the pack used both modern digital synths and cutting edge production techniques, alongside a large helping of analogue synths and high end analogue outboard giving anything from subtle warmth to pure filthiness.