Playlist – exception occurs when trying to play previous playlist if it was closed – Fixed: Skin Engine — behavior of scroll bars in the elements of music library is differs from behavior of scroll bar in playlist Fixed: Skin Engine – values that accessible from scripts does not take current scale factor into account Fixed: Tag Editor – copying the album art to clipboard produces an invalid bitmap stream Fixed: Some visualizations don’t drawing correctly – Fixed:

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This is no problem! Transparency of main windows – Library: API for plugins has been updated to v4 Fixed: Playlist – no ability to select few collapsed groups via keyboard Fixed: Player – the “stop after current” function does not work for internet radio Fixed: Ability to cut the file from one playlist to another when moving with Alt button down Playlists: Music Library – application crashes when trying to close the “Misplaced Files” dialog if search process is active Fixed: Some small bugs AIMP v2.

AIMP Version History – VideoHelp

Main screen UI has been updated Options Dialog: The normalization function has been returned, the algorithm has been improved – Fixed: Search or Browse all software by sections Search or Browse all software by 118. Playback quality buld been improved for tracker music Plugins: Playback of selected track cannot be started from QuickSearch field via Enter key – Fixed: Playlists Manager – an empty playlists were created when moving few folders via drag-n-drop to playlists list Fixed: Localization were updated Common: Bug in reading ID3v2.


Creating bookmarks and playback aimp v3.20 rc 1 build 1148. Player incorrectly calculates duration for some files in WavPack format – Fixed: Music Library – wrong order of files when moving them into a playlist via drag-n-drop Fixed: Playlist – the “insert after current” command removes tracks from read only playlists Fixed: Skin Engine – value of the SizeMaximal property isn’t taken into account for client-aligned containers – Fixed: Sound Engine — application hangs during cyclic playback of very short files Fixed: Player doesn’t restore playback queue after restarting – Fixed: Player doesn’t play sound, if initialization of DSP-plugin failed – Fixed: SS” format – Fixed: Replay Gain – added an ability to set preamp value for normalization factor Integration to OS: Drawing speed has been increased – Fixed: Infobar – Marks for the files aren’t displayed – Fixed: Information about the file – a rounding error of milliseconds during format time value by the “mm: Music Library – closing the app during DB update operation leads to hangs the app Fixed: Player – state of running line hangs if reconnect to internet radio station process has been aborted by user Fixed: Music Library – no hint for truncated text of currently using grouping tree preset Fixed: Information about the file – file size is not updated in the running line after save changes Fixed: Plugin for multimedia keyboards support is missing in build – Fixed: Skin Engine – window content was not refreshed after changing the element placement from script Fixed: Audio Library – files cannot be added to the DB via drag-n-drop operation in some cases Fixed: