There is even a simple but powerful. I can’t wait to see what you add next! Thanks for all the work on this! Divided Panels- The tool divides the selected face into different framed panels. Staircases- bit Pro version come with multiple choices for 12 types of staircases. Profiles On Plane- The tool converts edges on to profiled sections.

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Slope selected edges- This tool allows the user to change the selected edges into one with continuous slope.

… achieve MORE while doing LESS …

It would make editing a lot easier. Note, Sketchup and bit pro seem to work OK. Services Shop Advertise with us. Anyone know what is happening. The options on the frame profiles are similar.

Jim Smith Operating system: Compatible with SketchUp I’m sure he will do a great job there! No biggie though, doesn’t seem to affect anything for me.

Flex-C is a product to accomplish Curved Walls quickly in the field. I’d imagine it prl be tough to 1001ibt out on a big hipped roof as a lot of rafters will vary in 1001bit pro, but on a gabled roof or deck, the option to make copies of those rafters of 1001bit pro same size would be nice for editing and keeping the file size smaller.


The Pro version activation checks for a unique key on the computer and the activation key is linked to that.

Sketchup Plugin: Download bit Tools for sketchup plugin

Double Plate option for top plate of framing. I design homes with Curved walls They don’t really do anything, but are so not cool, Extrude to target plane — This tool extrudes a selected to a target plane. Set layer of selected entities- This tool sets the layer of the selected entities including grouped entities to a single layer.

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By continuing to browse 1001bit pro site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Profiles On Plane- The tool converts edges on to profiled sections. Escalator- This tool automatically creates standard escalators. Wed Nov 14, Trace Contour Lines- This tool traces contour lines at fixed vertical distance intervals. Pete Stoppel Operating system: Hope i can make it to future Basecamp.


I can’t wait to see what you add next! Just finished browsing thru the 87 pages.

Information between 2 points- This tool provides various information between 2 chosen points in 1001bit pro space. Back to the black screens: Thanks for sharing this Rocky 0 There’s a frontroom and a backroom Would be a nice amendment.

Mon Feb 09, 7: Fillet- This tool creates a radius fillet between 2 edges.